Sunday, December 26, 2010

Love Bells a remake

Albert got a new version of his morphing software and had to experiment it with the Love Bells. It comes quite nice.

You could also look at his other videos on Youtube - just search bubur5


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AnanD KumAr SIngH said...

Must visit:
I am shocked to see the distorted and denigrating art work of Hindu Deity Goddess Sarawati. Mocking at Goddesses for humor or selfish needs is incorrect and is a big sin, unless yourepent and apologies, you will have to bear the brunt.
The certain form of Goddess Saraswati described by scriptures relates sacred knowledge (vedas), Silk cloths emit positive Sattvik frequencies(vastra), Divine instrumentsawaken our inner self (vina) and weapons to destroy the evil. Any deity as per the scriptures will emit Devine consciousness (Chitanya), which lead us from unreal to Absolute truth.
I sincerely request you to immediately withdraw this art work and send out public apology. Make sure that it is not repeated. This is not a letter from a single Hindu, but it voices the sentiments and feelings of millions of Hindus worldwide.Do the needful at the earliest.