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Ragini CV July 2008

Ragini – oil painter and print maker


1982- Graduated in Fine Arts from Arts and Crafts College, Lucknow (India).

1983-1985 - Studied the print’s techniques at the Artist Corner-Lalit Kala Academy, Garhi, New Delhi (India)

11-1987 to 03-1988 - Fellowship sponsored by the British Council in Peacock Printmaker in Aberdeen (Scotland) and 3 months in Oxford Printmaker (England),

10-1989 to 03-1990 - 5 months course at the Künste Akademy of Stuttgard sponsored by the German-Nepal help Association,.

Professional appointment

1992, 1994, 1996 - Guest Artist at the Radier Werkstadt, Kampen (Germany).

April-May 1996 - Visiting lecturer at the Lahti’s Fine Art Institute and Türku Fine Art Institute (Finland).

1996 - Visiting Lecturer at Indus school of Art. Karachi. Pakistan

1998,1999- Visiting lecturer at the Helsingborg Museum, Sweden.

2006, 2007 - Visiting Lecturer at Karachi school of Arts and School of Art and Design , Jamshoro, Pakistan

Member of BP Koirala Foundation since 2006

Solo exhibitions


National Association of Fine Art, Kathmandu in the presence of late poet Bal Krishna Sharma


Royal Nepal Airlines, Kathmandu


October Gallery, Vajera Hotel, Kathmandu


Fine Art Academy of Lucknow (India).Sponsored by Lalit Kala Academy of Lucknow and opened by late B.P. Koirala


Morya Hotel, Patna (India).


Fine Art Academy of India, Ravindra Bhawan (New Delhi), sponsored by the Nepalese Embassy in India.


October Gallery in Vajera Hotel, Kathmandu.


National Association of Fine Art, Kathmandu, opened by her Majesty the Queen of Nepal


October Gallery in Vajera Hotel, Kathmandu.


British Council Hall, Kathmandu, inaugurated by the Prime Minister Mr Marish Man Singh.


Deutsch-Nepalischen Hilfgemeinschaft, Stuttgart(Germany).


Goethe Institute , Frankfurt (Germany), guests of honours : the Consul of Nepal in Frankfurt and late Mrs Busak


Goethe Institute , Schwabish Hall (Germany)


Goethe Institute , Kathmandu opened by the Prime Minister Mr Krishna Prashad Bhattrai


Shimba Gallery at Tokoshima (Japan)


Ujuka Gallery at Naruto (Japan)


Hananj restaurant and gallery at Kamojima (Japan)


British Council Hall , Kathmandu


Galerie Art du Temps, Verviers (Belgium)


Galerie Eglau, Radier Werkstadt, at Kampen (Germany)


French Cultural Centre, Kathmandu, & Galerie Eglau, Radier Werkstadt, at Kampen (Germany) title : « Politics, Dust and Love»


Gallery Gamlastan, Helsingborg (Sweden)


National Fine Art Association, Kathmandu, title : « The Myth of Politics »


Gallery S, Eupen (Belgium)


Gallery Joella, Türku (Finland) title : « Windows »


Majuma Art Gallery, Karachi (Pakistan)


Goethe Institute, Kathmandu, “Goddesses and Women, Mythology and Reality”


Grand Hotel, Taipei (Taiwan), as part the YWCA World Meeting on “Violence Against Women”


Gallery Oljemark, Helsinki, sponsored by the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Nepal Finland Society


Gallery Harmaja, Oulu (Finland) sponsored by the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Gallery Bellange, Atelje, Stockholm, Sweden


Siddhartha Art Gallery, Kathmandu, “Sensitive Women”


Siddhartha Art Gallery, Kathmandu, “Ragini’s Odissey 2001” inaugurated by her Majesty the Queen of Nepal


Studio am Schlob, Berlin


Atelier S, Eupen, Belgium – Inaugurated by H.E. K.P. Shrestha Ambassador of Nepal to the EU


The Sun never dies, Buddha lights and Truth Shines – Kathmandu Sep 2002 – Schorndorf (Germany Sep 2002) - Zielona Gora (Poland)


Permanent display at the International Club – Sanepa – Nepal


Rotary Club, Halle, Belgium

2004Permanent display at the « GALLERY MOKSH » - Jamsikhel – Lalitpur – Nepal

2005Time Wheel at Siddhartha Art Gallery, Kathmandu

2006Time Wheel at the Academy of Fine Art and Literature, New Delhi sponsored ICCR

2006Time Wheel at the ICCR Gallery, Hyderabad, India

People’s Power at Nafa Art Gallery Kathmandu, opened dpty Prime Minister KP Oli

Sound of Love at Majmua Art Gallery, Karachi Pakistan & Art Shop, Kathmandu

People Power - Culture House ( Manufaktur ) Shorndorf, Germany

Venetian Multiveral Academy, Stoss im Himmel Vienna, Austria

Love in the Air, Siddartha Art Gallery , Kathmandu , Nepal.

Group exhibitions

Kathmandu : 1979, 1982, 1985, 1986, 1988, 1989,1999
Calcutta (India) : 1980
Madras (India) : 1980
Srinagar (India) : 1980
Tokoshima (Japan) : 1988
Arijiano (Italy) : 1990
Luxembourg : 1992
Liège (Belgium) : 1992
Eupen (Belgium) 1994
Lahti (Finland) : 1996

2007 – GALLERY OPEN EYE, Edinburgh , Scotland , U. K.

2007 - KUNSCENTRUM HAARLEM – Haarlem, Netherlands.

2007 - SIDDARTHA ART GALLERY - Kathmandu, Nepal,

2008 - JAMSHORO School of Art and Design Gallery – Jamshoro – Pakistan

International exhibitions

International Biennial, Lubjiana (ex Yugoslavia), 1983.
International Print Graphic Exhibition, Rafi Marg, New Delhi, 1983 and 1984.
International Asian Biennial, Dhaka (Bangladesh) 1983.
British International Print Biennial, Cardwright Hall, Bradford (England) 1986, Osaka Triennial 1991.

Prizes and awards

National Exhibition Prize (Nepal) 1979, 1985, 1988.
Kate and Robert Wilson Prize, Bradford (UK) 1986.
Birendra Aswaria Memorial Medal Kathmandu 2002.

Present in official collections

Bradford Museum, UK., SARC building, Kathmandu, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Tribhuvan Airport, VVIP room, Kathmandu. Nepal Television Office, Kathmandu, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other governement Offices, Kathmandu, Fine Art Academy, Lucknow, India, King Birendra Art Gallery, Kathmandu, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan.

Present in private collections

In Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, India, Iran, Israel, Italy, Japan, Nepal, Malaysia, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA.


Ragini Upadhyay - Grela

Balkot – 1/110, Bhaktapur

tel : +977 1 6630335

Mobile : +977 98510 52244


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Love in the air 2008

Love in the Air 2008 - Mixed media etching prints and acrylic paintings on traditional Tanka canevasses with real gold paint.

This series is produced during 2008. It is strongly inspired by my recent trips to Europe which have marked my mind with places and communication habits. The omnipresence of computers, mobile phones, PDA are for me a great opportunity for lovers to exchange feelings and emotions. There is a magic in the air which makes it full of messages and vibration. The reference to famous landmarks such Taj Mahal, Eifel tower or the Statue of Liberty express my perception of the global culture, global village, global background for Love. I visited many of these landmarks and monuments. I also replace some of the traditional attributes of Hindu Goddesses such as Laxmi or Sarwasti with the modern tools of knowledge and financial power.Lotus, clubs, bows are replaced by mobile phone and computers who are so much entering our lifes and transforming the Love and Power game. I like also to mix East & West references because the deep cross fertilisation between Asian and European culture is a fact of my personal life. I studied in Germany and UK, traveled all over Europe and married a Belgian man but I still enjoy my life in Nepal. For these canvasses, I have used a traditional Tanka painting technique with real gold & silver paint.

Hereafter a few clues to decrypt the symbols that I use in the pictures.

Lotus – Symbol of Purity, Education, wisdom.

Horse – Symbol of Feeling and active movement.

Eye - Symbol of Sensitiveness.

Third eye – Symbol of our own soul.

Wire – Symbol of Connection.

Deer - Symbol of heart and mind. jump in a same way as deer.

Flower – Symbol of Love.

Elephant – Symbol of Power.

Bull - Symbol of boldness and assertiveness.

Bird – Symbol of Freedom and unlimited travel.

Tortoise – Symbol of Patience.

Moon – Symbol of Romance.

Clouds – Symbol of Dream.

Colors symbols

Pink – Symbol of Romance.

Sky Blue – Symbol of Freedom and openness.

White – Symbol of Peace.

Gold – valuable and Unique.

Green – Symbol of Positive & Nature

Red - Symbol of Warmth, Excitement, Attraction, Passion .

Purple – Symbol of Mystery.

Yellow – light , sun.

For a full gallery just click here

Friday, March 7, 2008

Time Series slideshow

The Time Series is a reflection about the absolute power of Time. The irreversible ticking of the clock is unbeatable. Powerful people of the present and the past had to learn that rule too.

An other copy is available on YouTube

You may also visit the Picasa Gallery :


People Power 2006 a new slideshow

The compilation of prints is inspired by the popular uprising in Kathmandu during April 2006. It overturned the one man rule imposed by King Gyanendra and restored the parliament prerogatives

An extra copy of the slideshow is available on YouTube

You may also have a look at the Picasa Gallery :

and visit

Saturday, February 9, 2008

New dowload for "Let them bark" documentary

I am extremely honored that Emma Cott and Adrianne Koteen have produced a 10 minutes documentary about my work. It was done during the early winter of 2006 and is entitled "Let them bark".

It is quite good and you can download it.
For those with patience or a good bandwidth, there is a mp4 version (42 Mb) at the following URL :

You should also visit the presentation of the movie on Emma and Adrienne documentary page. You will find there a button to view the streamlined movie.


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Art for Martyrs' Sake

This is a nice article written about the "People Power 1990-2006" exhibit.

Click here to download the full article