Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Schorndorf exhibition is open

Club Manufaktur in Schorndorf hosts the "People Power" series until the 15/12/2007

The mayor of the city of Schorndorf , Mr. Matthias Klopfer has inaugurated the exhibition and was presented a Nepali topi.

An other prominent guest was the Director of Kulture house, Schorndorf , Ms . Sabine Reichle – Nolle .

Both speakers have presented the artist and the work exhibited
with details and an elaborate understanding of the Nepalese context. This proves how much art and artists act as a bridge between culture and countries.

A recent video documentary about Ragini's work has also been displayed during the inauguration ceremony. The video entitle "Let them bark" highlight the social and cultural depth of the artist's message.

The "People Power" series is a tribute to the popular uprising which restored democratic rule in Nepal in April 2006 often referred as the Andolan 2.

The "People Power " series is available on the Picasa Gallery, just clik here

The video documentary is available on : http://www.ironweedfilms.com/films/letthembark

More background information is available on : www.ragini-art.com

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